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This is it guys: the big announcement! We’re so excited to share with you that Mariolga will be taking appointments at The Loft Salon next Friday, August 29th. That means that for a full hour you get to experience pure, unaltered pampering. Her appointment includes a makeup application (ladies, plan on cocktails that night), a makeup lesson (have you ever wondered how to get the perfect contour? I have) and a set of BRAND NEW MAKEUP. This is not a teaser. You’ll walk out with her personalized recommendations.


And not the kind of ‘recommendations’ that the ladies at Sephora give you (they do their best, sorry girls). Mariolga takes into account your skin tone, hair tone, personality and wardrobe preference when she creates a palette for you.

Speaking of her palettes, here’s a sneak preview of what her personally created, chemical free, paraben & sulfur free line looks like: The titles of Mariolga’s makeup collection are as simple and elegant as the shades; they honor powerful women and powerful concepts.

Her Foundation series called Simplify:Skin takes the complex out of complexion. It gives you the flawless look of a runway model without making you look like you’re actually wearing makeup. Simplify:Skin’s motto: to blend in harmony, to glow without shine, to define the beauty only you possess.

All of the foundations are named after birth years with a Spanish word in front.
Why? As a Puerto Rican native, Mariolga’s first language is Spanish.
Arena (means sand) 1942 Mariolga’s mother’s birthyear
Crema (means cream) 1951: birth year of Mami Ele, her life long pseudo mother
Miel (honey) 1957: birth year of good friend mom and Alyn Carlson (An amazing art director with an inspirational sensibility about color)
Natural 1961 Betty’s birth year
Tierra (soil) 1965: amazing friend Stacey Khuen’s birth year
Caramelo (caramel) 1973: Taina’s birth, a very close friend
Canela (cinnamon) 1974: Mariolga’s birth year!
Cafe (coffee) 1988: Allie Couzzo’s birth year
Mari’s Tip
Wear as thin as a veil or layered for more coverage.  You can also spot treat an area seamlessly without needing all over application!
Limitless: Limitless because limits are limitless
This one pot can be both lip and cheek color! There are 5 versatile shades that will add a pop of natural color to your cheeks or a matte finish to your lips. Or both!
Limitless 1821 Birth year of Clara Barton (red cross)
Limitless 1883 Birth year of Coco Chanel
Limitless 1877 Birth year of Isadora Duncan
Limitless 1887 Birth year of Georgia O’Keefe
Limitless 1976 Birth year of my very funny and beautiful friend Tara Griffin (a breast cancer survivor)
Mari’s Tip
1976 can be worn alone, but I like to add it on top of any cheek color as a highlighter or to create a more iridescent finish. When the sun or light hits your skin you will look that you are glowing from within. These highly pigmentated shades can be double as a matte lip tone, wear your favorite lip balm underneath for a little hydrating when needed or top it with a gloss to create a new shade. When applied as a blush use a stipple brush, you will have a better control in the application.
Enhance:lid These shades are for bringing out bright, beautiful eyes we all have. With her ingenious angled brush they can be worn thin as a veil or layerd for an  intense look. The pigments won’t budge come hell or high water (No really, they’re water resistant, budge proof, crease proof…they may even be bullet proof, but we’ve never tested that theory).
nude 1911: birth year of the amazing Mildred Ella “Babe” Didrikson one of America’s foremost female athletes
Taupe 1948: birth year of Giaconda female writer from Nicaragua
Pink 1913:Birth year of Rosa Parks
plum 1852: Tahirih poet, theologists & woman rights activist
Gold 1914: Julia de Burgos my favorite Puerto Rican Poet
Bronze 1797: Sojourner Truth woman rights activist who famously said “Ain’t I a Woman?”
Peach 1959: Unity Dow a judge & human rights activist
Pewter 1897: Amelia Erhart’s birthyear
Mari’s Tip: The softer or fluffier the brush the lighter the application will be or like I like to describe it “a veil of a color”, the denser and stiffer the brush the more pigment will be picked up and more color will show in your lids.  like to recommend to do your eyes first and then your complexion.

Her number one tip:

If you can only fit one product in your mini clutch on your next first date, it needs to be Limitless cream & lip tone. 
The 1877 it’s a beautiful neutral mauve bronze that its pretty universal ( works on almost every skin type)
I have applied it on cheeks, lips and even lids for an all over glow. 

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