Finding the Right Stylist for You—A How-To

When it comes to our relationships, the one we have with our stylist is usually only second to that of our best friend and therapist. (In some cases, our stylists are our therapists.) Finding the right one can feel like uncovering a diamond in the rough, while going with a stylist we don’t see eye-to-eye with can cause a bit of heartache (and a seriously bad haircut).

Choosing the right stylist is so much more than perusing Yelp reviews, though. It requires a bit of time and effort, sure; but it doesn’t have to be painful. Here are five easy steps to finding your next stylist, whether you’re in need of a cut, color, or a (hair) coach.

Ask around. If you see a woman with gorgeous hair walking down the street, get her number—the one of her stylist, that is. The salon industry is heavily built upon word of mouth, and there’s a reason that well-groomed women flock together (hint: they likely share a stylist).

Research. If you want a stylist with a particular skill—let’s say, precision cutting—you’ll need to bulk up on your knowledge to know where to go and who to see. This is where the Internet can come in handy: Reading through stylist bios offers a leg up when it comes to becoming acquainted with your potential future hair guru.

Make a consultation. Most salons, including ours, offer free consultations to prospective clients. Whether you’re looking for a drastic overhaul or just someone who can help with maintenance every four to six weeks, getting familiar with your stylist ahead of time can put your mind at ease.

Take a chance. “It’s just hair!” We hate that expression as much as the next, but it’s true: Hair comes and goes—and grows. A haircut with a new stylist is incomparable; you won’t know what it’s like, and how much you’ll love (or hate) the experience until you’re in their chair, ready to go.

Stay committed. Sometimes, stylists come and go. If you really love yours, and he or she announces their departure, it’s up to you to either stick with them, even if that means going to a neighboring salon, or making an effort to find a comparable stylist in the same salon who can take care of you from that point on.

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