Finding the Right Stylist for You—A How-To


When it comes to our relationships, the one we have with our stylist is usually only second to that of our best friend and therapist. (In some cases, our stylists are our therapists.) Finding the right one can feel like uncovering a diamond in the rough, while going with a stylist we don’t see eye-to-eye […]

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How Stress Affects Your Hair: Part One


It’s common knowledge that stress can have a ripple affect into the most intimate and personal aspects of your life. But your hair? Come on universe, that’s hitting where it hurts. To understand how stress can lead to hair loss we have to look into how hair grows to begin with. A hair follicle has three life […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Bangs


Bangs. Fringe. Wisps. Whatever you choose to call them, that little row of peekaboo hair kept across the forehead is sweeping the nation—no pun intended. They can add life to old cuts, mask pesky forehead lines, and completely transform your look in a matter of snips. But while bangs may be hot, in some cases, […]

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What Is Diversion—and How Does it Hurt Your Hair?


Who hasn’t been tempted by the lure of salon products, sold on the cheap at your neighborhood mega-drugstore? Rows upon rows of your favorite shampoos, conditioners, and styling creams, marked down significantly from the price you’d pay at your salon. Sure, the containers might seem a bit, well, sketchy—dirty or dented, and in some cases, […]

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